XL Fixed Buckle Sofa Cover Sofa Cushion Holder


Size: Small size 30 (plastic box)

Small size 30 (plastic box)
Small size 50 (plastic box)
Small size 100 (plastic box)
Large size 30 (plastic box)
Large size 50 (plastic box)
Large size 100 (plastic box)
Clear plastic heads, nickel-plated twist pins.
Features: Appropriate length for twisting in upholstery, slipcovers, etc.
Safe on furniture: Clear heads Twist Pins Have rustproof construction, safe on furniture without damaging fabric, bring convenience to your life, durable.
Keep Upholstery in Place: If you're tired of constantly adjusting your bedding, the twisted pins can keep furniture arm covers in place, tight baggy upholstered fabrics.
Wild use: Useful twist pins for upholstery, gun covers, slipcovers, bed skirts, doilies, easy to remove, convenient to use, hold the skirt to the mattress.
Specifications: DIY Supplies: Woodworking Model Number: Twist Pins Material: Clear Plastic Heads, Nickel Plated Steel Pin
Clear Pin Head Diameter: 1cm Nickel Plated Steel Pin: 1.3cm
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Small size 30 (plastic box), Small size 50 (plastic box), Small size 100 (plastic box), Large size 30 (plastic box), Large size 50 (plastic box), Large size 100 (plastic box)