International Credit Card Payment Problems


Why does the problem of payment failure occur, and what factors affect the payment success rate?

First category, cardholder questions:

Consumers fill in incomplete or wrong information, such as filling in the wrong card number, or quitting the payment halfway. It may also be because the balance of credit held by the consumer is insufficient, or the credit card has expired.

The second category, network problems:

For example, slow network access or other network problems cause consumers to repeatedly refresh the payment page on the independent website and submit payment applications multiple times. Or the system does not receive the payment request at all.

The third category is the risk control of the issuing bank:

The card issuing bank has risk control over the cardholder's credit card. When it is recognized that the single payment limit of the credit card exceeds the maximum single payment limit of the consumer card or exceeds the maximum single payment limit set by the system, it will limit the the transaction.

The fourth category, risk control interception of payment companies:

A good payment company can help sellers intercept risky orders. When the risk control system recognizes the following characteristics, it will intercept the payment:

l If the same IP pays multiple times in a short period of time, there are suspicions of cashing out, money laundering, fraud and other illegal activities;

l The card system used for payment is identified as black card, fake card, etc.;

l If the payment fails to pass the 3D security verification, the system determines that it is an unauthorized transaction and refuses to deduct the payment;

l The cardholder has been blacklisted.

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