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The Easy Dining Room Makeover Hack


Tired of your old, drab dining chairs that have been the same shade of dirty beige for as long as you can remember?

Then, it may be time for your to invest in some custom dining chair covers for your dining area and give it the lift-up that it deserves.

Whether you like the ultra-chic modern farmhouse-styled, long-skirted dining chair covers or if you prefer the snug-fitting dining chair covers, we’ve, well, got you covered.


#1 Super Fit Stretch Chair Cover

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This dining chair cover is crafted from high quality material of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. The material is very stretchy, which is why it fits most dining chairs securely. Various patterns and solid colors are enough to meet your various decorating styles and complement your color scheme. It is also very easy to install and can be installed within 1 minute. Hand and machine washable, wrinkle and pill resistant, protects your chair from stains and scuffs, perfect for homes with kids and pets.



#2 Seat Cushion Slipcovers 


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Unlike the chair covers above, this chair cushion cover only covers the chair surface, so if your chairs have nice patterned backs, then you can totally choose this chair cushion cover to decorate your dining room. And it uses sewn-in elastic and 4 straps to hold the cover firmly in place to avoid slipping, perfect for your home decor.



#3 Waterproof Tablecloth Chair Cover Set


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Table and chair covers in one design is the gospel of many people who have difficulty choosing a color scheme. Whether it is a simple but elegant modern design, or neutral but not wild Scandinavian style, or passionate bohemian style, simple patterns always bring a sense of refreshing comfort. And water and oil resistant stain resistant is the biggest feature of this tablecloth chair cover.



#4 Thick Soft Chair Pads


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If you do not want to cover up the pattern and design of the table and chairs, then this chair cushion is the right choice for you. While retaining the original design of your dining room, it can make you and your family dining and chatting more comfortable, relax your body after a day of work and reduce stress. Natural environmental protection materials, moisture absorption, breathability, a variety of colors to choose from, to bring a sense of warmth to your daily life.



Give your dining room chairs a new look in 2023

Now that we've given you some ideas, you can have fun imagining what your dining room will look like in 2023. If you want to explore more, please take a look at NEATHOUZ, we won't let you down.

Or if you have any questions, you can always email us at and we'll do our best to help you.


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