Thick Chair Armrest Pads


Style: Soft Memory Foam

Soft Memory Foam
Thick And Firm Foam
  • Expect no sore elbows with these 1.3 Inch thick and firm arm pads for office chairs; for those working long hours seated, high quality computer chair arm pads are a necessity.

  • Your elbow tips will never touch the hard armrest again; our advanced technology for office chair arm covers ensures the high-rebound foam stays firm, sturdy, and flexible so that our computer chair arm rest pads don't flatten over time.

  • If your office chair arm rest is flat and close to 3 Inch wide and 10 Inch long, this plush-covered elbow cushion with anti-sliding bottom & adjustable 13Inch long velcro straps is the right choice as your new office chair armrest covers.

  • We designed these arm cushions for office chairs to alleviate elbow stress; it's an easy arm rest covering for chair whether you are working, watching videos or gaming.
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Soft Memory Foam, Thick And Firm Foam