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European Style Chair Cushion U-Shaped/Round Thicken Chair Cushions for Dining Chairs


Color: Red Grid

Red Grid
Color Grid
Navy Blue Plaid
Grey Bar Plaid
Blue Yellow Stripe
Curry Stripe
Blue Stripe
Grey Blue Flower
Red Flower
Exotic Flower
Beige Flower
Pink Flower
Blue Little Flower
Black Flower
Blackpink Flower
Romantic Flower
Light Blue
Dark Blue

Size: 45*45cm (U-shaped)

45*45cm (U-shaped)
45*45cm (Round)


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Find Comfort and Style with Our New Collection of Cushions and Pads!

Cushions and pads is that they provide comfort and support for the body, reducing the risk of developing pain or discomfort from prolonged sitting or lying down. Cushions and pads can also help distribute body weight more evenly, reducing pressure on specific areas of the body and preventing the development of pressure sores or ulcers. Additionally, cushions and pads can be used to customize the firmness and support of chairs or floor, making them more comfortable and better suited to individual needs.


5-pin positioning

Jacquard fabrics

Vertical line process

Eco-friendly high quality cotton

Double-sided brushed fabric

Webbing straps


  • Comfortable Fabric:Made of comfortable and soft fabric,eco-friendly printing and dyeing,not easy to fade

  • Non-Slip Design:The cushion has two straps that can be tied to the back of the chair to keep the cushion in place

  • Strong Practicality:The ideal choice for those dining,kitchen,office,desk and folding chairs

  • Easy Care:If you need to wash your chair cushions,all you have to do is removing them from your dining chairs and just throw them in the washing machine or wash them by your hands.

  • Please Note Product Will Arrive In A Slightly Compressed state;Please Allow A Few Days For Product To Expand To Final Size Listed In description.


  • Material:Polyester

  • Size:40X40CM,45X45CM

  • Color:multi colors


  • Please allow 1-2 CM differs due to manual measurement.

  • Real color may slightly different from pictures due to computer screen's resolution, brightness, contrast etc.

Additional Information

Red Grid, Color Grid, Navy Blue Plaid, Grey Bar Plaid, Blue Yellow Stripe, Curry Stripe, Blue Stripe, Grey Blue Flower, Red Flower, Exotic Flower, Beige Flower, Pink Flower, Blue Little Flower, Bromeliad, Black Flower, Blackpink Flower, Romantic Flower, Yellow, Light Blue, Coffee, Dark Blue, Orange, Grey


45*45cm (U-shaped), 45*45cm (Round)